Rapid Transformational Therapy™ & Weight Loss

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ for weight loss.

We can’t survive without food, with an addiction we can remove it from our daily life, we can’t do that with food. So we have to really identify the emotions driving your eating habits so that we can reprogram your mind to think differently about food. This is achieved through a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques. Your new way of thinking needs time to become a natural part of your life; it takes 21 days to create a new habit and with it a new set of neurological pathways in your brain.

You will need to have the dedication and determination to create your desired change. It will require daily mindset workouts away from our sessions, but I can assure you, the time you spend now will prove priceless. After all you can’t put a price on your health. You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have your health its worth nothing.


your free consultation - 30 mins

A free consultation is required prior to your Rapid Transformational Therapy session. During the consultation we discuss how your eating habits have been impacting on your physical and emotional wellbeing. For example:

  • Bloated

  • Fatigued

  • Hungry

  • Guilty

  • Related illnesses

  • Lifestyle restrictions

I also ask you to describe what your life will look like at your ideal weight or size. This helps us to prepare your mind for the changes that are about to take place.

During your free consultation I will also explain exactly what your session will consist of and offer you either a, face to face appointment at my practice in Harwood, Bolton or a remote appointment via our laptops.


your rapid transformational therapy session - 90 minutes

Through hypnosis we will identify the root cause of why you have chosen food as a way to escape pain and ultimately feel pleasure; this in itself is such an enlightening process for clients.

You will leave your session with complete clarity on where your eating habits/beliefs originated from. You will also receive an audio recording that you must listen to everyday for the following 21 days, this will help you establish and reinforce new more meaningful, powerful and life changing beliefs about food.

Once you understand the root cause of your eating habits / beliefs we can start the powerful transformation. This always begins during your first session and continues with your audio at home.

However, this does not always involve a weight loss diet. There are many reasons why people gain weight and its not always because they have intentionally made poor food choices. We use food in many different ways. For example there are 6 types of eaters:

  1. Binge eaters / feasters

  2. Angry eaters

  3. Emotional eaters

  4. Addictive eaters

  5. Ignorant eaters

  6. Destructive eaters

Knowing how you use food to move away from pain will ultimately give you the power to change it. We will look at this closer during our session in addition to creating new beliefs to help you eliminate processed, pre-packed foods form your diet completely.


Creating long lasting weight loss

So now you understand how you have used food you will be more than ready to create lasting weight loss and achieve your ideal weight for life.

You will see from our sessions that it was never food that was the issue but the emotion driving your desire to eat. Now that you have dealt with the emotion you will find that the weight will naturally start to disappear. You will naturally chose food that nourishes your body rather than foods that harm it. You will see your confidence and self esteem increase and you will feel elated when you need smaller sized clothes. You will no longer be controlled by food; you are totally in control and you make empowered and educated food choices.

Your transformational audio will look at preparing you for the future. It’s inevitable that you will be invited to parties, dinner dates, birthdays all these events usually include alcohol, buffet food and cake. Using some ‘Future Pacing’ techniques within the audio you will have a vivid picture in your mind of your life at your ideal weight and you will not want anything to affect this. You will have the confidence to say ‘no’ to unhealthy, harmful foods and yes to a new, fulfilled, nourished, beautiful, healthy life.

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