Day 2 - Its ok to not have your shit together!

As I write this my eyes are literally trying to close; I am so tired. As much as I love this therapy its a massive step out of my comfort zone. I over analyse, I question if I was good enough, did I give them value, did they think it was worth it, was it what they expected? I’m supposed to have my shit together! I am RTT Practitioner. I know how minds work therefore I should have perfect control over mine, but the honest truth is that I absolutely don’t.

Day 1 - This Is Me Talking, Self Acceptance

The day I turned 40 was the day I changed forever. No going back, it had happened, I’d officially hit ‘midlife’. I remember waking up and suddenly realised I had bingo wings! How did this even happen? I was 40 years old, single, in a job I hated, broke and in debt and living back in my flat in Bolton, I never ever thought I would ever return to live in Bolton. But I have, another failed relationship and I had no where else to go other than to return home.