“Until recently there were only two main types of therapy: one which was long and laborious, and the other which was a fast, bandaid method but often lacked lasting results. Rapid Transformational Therapy is set to ultimately overtake these models, because not only does it get phenomenal results very quickly, it creates change that truly lasts.”
-Marisa Peer

Happy Clients


I felt such a sense of relief  after our session, I have never felt so emotional about those times until you questioned me so I learnt things about myself I had not realised were causing me so much upset. Thank you so much.

— Julie Partington

Thanks to you my weeks are so productive, a strategy I should of put into place a long time ago. I now have full self belief in my abilities to make my business a success and its all thanks to you, couldn't have done this without you.

— Liz Cryer

Who would of thought that I was blocking myself from having a successful relationship. These techniques really work, thank you so much for helping me see things from a different perspective. Thanks to you I am now enjoying a very fulfilled relationship both with my self and my loving partner. She wants to thank you too. 

— Peter Giles