Food Freedom Roadshow

“Every thought you have has a physical effect on your body”


Want to know how to train your mind so that you can lose weight without supplements, shakes and excessive exercise?

What would it mean to you to never have to diet ever again? How would your life change if you were healthy and able to maintain your ideal weight? What would you be able to do that you can’t do right now?

In this four hour roadshow I will show you techniques based on the Rules of the Mind that will help you control your thoughts so that you can lose the weight and keep it off forever. I want to share with you how to not only fall in love with food, your kitchen but also how to fall in love with YOU. Once you love and accept yourself, you will automatically change the way you feed yourself forever!

Understanding is your power to making long lasting change.


mind freedom formula

Everyone of us has been blessed with a powerful tool. A tool that we were given at birth to help us navigate this beautiful gift of life. Its’ called your mind. Your mind is your powerhouse, it rules everything, your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs and your emotions; it controls everything and has probably been controlling you for many years.

The Mind Freedom Formula shows you how to work as one with your brilliant mind and be free forever. By understanding four main concepts you can start to release self limiting beliefs and start living a life of fulfilment and purpose.

INTENTION - Before you can make any lasting changes you need to have an intention that the change you are going to make will happen, no matter what. It’s your commitment to yourself and a recognition that you can’t continue as you are and change is essential.

LIMITING BELIEFS - Once you have the intension to create change, the next step is to understand what is fuelling the behaviour that you want to change. Through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis you can access the subconscious mind where all your memories are stored, these memories all have meaning, in order to understand your current belief system we need to look at that meaning you have attached to certain events in your past.

THE LANGUAGE OF THE MIND - Our minds respond to the words we tell it and the pictures we give it, it’s that simple. But more often than not we are communicating with our minds in the wrong way. The Mind Freedom Formula explains how to have the most effective conversations with your mind so it becomes your most treasured possession.

REPETITION - In order to change a behaviour, you need to create a new habit, a new way of being. We make the unfamiliar, familiar by repetition until we behave in a way that ‘just comes natural’. You will never create long lasting change without being prepared to commit to taking consistent, daily action.

ait all starts with a thought

So how does the Mind Freedom Formula help you to lose weight ?

This formula can be applied to any area of your life that you want to change. Let’s call it the Food Freedom Formula.

INTENTION - You are here and reading this because you want to lose weight. You are intending to change your eating habits and as a result achieve your ideal weight or size.

LIMITING BELIEFS - As a child you will have formed beliefs about yourself which impact negatively on your food choices. During the Food Freedom Roadshow I will explain how you can identify what these are, once you understand them, you can eliminate them from your mind by replacing them with beliefs that will enhance your life not restrict it. IT ALL STARTS WITH A THOUGHT! So let’s change the thoughts to ones that make you loose weight and keep it off forever.

THE LANGUAGE OF THE MIND - Understanding how to effectively communicate with your mind about the way you want to eat and the size you want to be is key to loosing weight. Learning what to say and what pictures to give your mind are your tools to creating the changes required to loosing weight.

REPETITION - Repeat, repeat, repeat until new eating habits are formed and you achieve your ideal weight or size.


What you will learn during this Food Freedom Roadshow:

  1. Learn how to lose weight by using the power of your mind. No diet pills, supplements, expensive gym memberships, shakes needed!

  2. Identify your beliefs about food and the emotions which are fuelling your eating habits.

  3. The language of the mind, how to talk to your mind using words and pictures to create lasting change. Including group visualisations and a group hypnosis.

  4. How the ingredients in foods are affecting your weight, your mood, your energy levels.

  5. How to ‘read’ and understand what’s really in your food.

  6. Which foods to eliminate from your diet and how to end cravings forever.

  7. How to maintain your healthy body weight using powerful ‘future pacing’ visualisation techniques.

  8. How losing weight costs NOTHING and how staying overweight will cost you EVERYTHING!



Do you believe that you are worth investing in yourself, your body and your health ?

This is not a quick fix diet, this is life changing; this is mind and food FREEDOM.

The Food Freedom Formula is about falling in love with YOURSELF. Once you realise this you will feed yourself food that will love your body too…


Fall in love with YOU, with your kitchen, with food, with life…

I can’t wait to be part of your journey.

Wendy xxx