Escape The 9-5 Rat Race And Start Living Again.


If you have ever wanted your own business but like me just never knew where to start, then you are in the right place.

I will show you exactly how I started my online business and, as a result of the success of my business, how I was able to leave my 18 year career as a Social Worker.

my life changed when i woke up and made the decision that i deserved better, a better quality of life and a better bank balance

Have you ever woke up and thought, there must be more to life than this? Fed up of wishing the weeks away and living for the weekend? If you are anything like me you have probably already worked out how many years you have left before you can retire! I spent the whole of 2014 looking for alternative ways to earn living. I no longer felt fulfilled in my career as a Social Worker and I couldn’t imaging still doing this in five years let alone working until I could retire at the age of 67.


Company Conference

October 2017

Collecting my car incentive recognition!

18th December 2014 was the day I joined the business and the day my life changed forever. If i’m honest I didn’t realise it at the time, I joined the business purely to purchase the purchase the products. I couldn’t believe that I no longer had to spend a small fortune on my everyday products, especially my perfume. A big lover of Chanel and Lancome but never a lover of the price tag! I must admit that I have developed a perfume obsession and probably own more bottles than are stocked in Selfridges.

It was only when a colleague asked if she could also join the business that I had to learn how all this network marketing business worked. As you can imagine I had no idea, coming from a Social Work background how to retail products or even knew where to begin teaching other people how to do it. This is why I am so passionate about this business, because it’ so easy and that’s why so many ordinary people are achieveing success. People with no business backgrounds are able to make a profit from day one. Network Marketing is a ‘ready made business’, all you need is a passion for the products and a strong desire to change your life.

I had no option but to learn all I could about this business, I had a queue of people joining my team and my role as their Sponsor was to teach them to do exactly the same as me. I also soon realised that I had registered under Cypriot Sponsor and wasn’t part of the UK team. I’m pretty unique within my company, this mean’t that I received no training and very little support from my Sponsor. I wasn’t actually phased by this at all, I didn’t know any different and I was so passionate about the products and how I could see how it was helping other people make money that this motivated me to learn everything I could. I started to follow other people


Even if others say you can’t, I am proof that you can!


Fast forward three years and I was in my last month working as a Social Worker and a guest speaker at our companies annual conference. I felt like it had all been worth it, i’d done it! I had achieved what I set out to achieve. I could hand my notice in and concentrate 100% on my business working from the luxury of my own home.


Life isn’t a practice run, we need to grab opportunities like this with both hands and worry about the ‘how’ later.